How to use a sink in a place with no plumbing

There are many instances when you might want to wash your hands but there is no working bathroom around. The most obvious one that probably comes to mind is camping. In cases like this, portable sinks are the perfect solution.

What are portable sinks

Portable sinks are simple appliances that consist of a sink basin and a water tank underneath it, hidden behind cabinet doors. They look like real standalone sinks. Sometimes they are referred to as self-contained sinks.

Portable sinks have a water pump installed inside that’s pumping the water as you turn the faucet on. Some models will need to be operated with the use of a foot pump. The water tank inside will need to be refilled when it runs out and the used water is stored in a waste tank that is usually placed somewhere near the water tank. The waste tank is emptied once it reaches full capacity. This is the basic mechanism of portable sinks.

More advanced models are also able to provide hot water. These models have a water heater inside that is powered most often by electricity, although some portable sinks can also be powered by propane or batteries. A portable sink with hot water is indistinguishable from a real one.

Where can you use one

Camping is just one of the many places portable sinks are being used. They can also be utilized whenever there is a big outside event going on, like during music festivals and such. Spas and medical offices also often use portable sinks.

Another one is classrooms with small children. Having a sink nearby promotes the habit of washing hands properly. They are especially popular in arts classrooms – children will need to wash themselves or their tools very frequently so it’s just more comfortable to have a sink right there in the room.

They are also popular in restaurants, especially in remote places where plumbing might be scarce or is very expensive. Sometimes, you can buy a portable kitchen sink for your restaurant kitchen for a fraction of the price it would cost you to install a regular sink. Some even have wheels to make them even easier to carry so you can literally use an additional kitchen sink in any place you desire.

How to choose a portable sink

As their popularity surges, many makers have started to offer their own models of portable sinks. This means that we have quite a selection of models to choose from.

When buying a portable sink you need to think about what you are going to use it for. Many models are marketed as having a specific purpose, with names such as “Portable Outdoor Camping Sink”. If you’re looking for something to use in the kitchen, it is best to look for a portable kitchen sink.

Also, try and gauge the capacity you will need to use the sink comfortably and get a portable sink with a water tank of a matching size. Some extra features to watch out for if your budget allows it are soap dispensers and paper towel holders.